Berabose Aline Joyce


Berabose Aline Joyce, 26 Age, Living in Kigali- Rwanda.


Berabose is an Activist since she was 14 years old. Berabose is particularly passionate about Women’s rights to menstrual health and management (MHM), and Women’s rights to justice and freedom.


She is part of creating and growing initiatives and organizations across Africa such as;

  • Heading (and creating a FEMTECH company LUNA; which is ensuring a woman’s safety and wellness while accessing services and products in Transport, Health, and Entertainment.
  • Co-founding The I Matter Initiative; a youth-led organization fighting to end Period Poverty through free pads donations, sexual reproductive education, and raising awareness on Menstrual Rights.
  • Initiating and co-hosting Rwanda’s first-ever podcast The Breaking Silences; to break taboos and stigma upheld by Traditional and cultural myths that oppress an African woman’s life.
  • Lead Facilitator of The Moon Circle; A monthly focus group creating a safe space for women to share and discuss topics impacting them with intentions to heal one another and form a strong sisterhood bond.


Due to her work and dedication; Berabose has been granted the distinction of Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society and chosen as the Global Youth Ambassador of Concern Worldwide, a Global Shaper at the Kigali Hub, a YALI Alumni and is part of the Advisory Committee of Rwanda Feminist Forum and Women Building Alliance.